Web Works by Noémi Adorján

A Sample Application

Eveny LIsting for the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto This is the event listing for the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, with a thumbnail calendar to control the start day of the listing.

The faciliy that allows the church administrators to maintain the event list is also a Web application.

It opens with a monthly summary view - the thumbnail calendar on the left allows you to open the daily views. If you select the location on the left side you'll see the occupancy of the location as well. Event Administration page

To add an event, you need to pick a date from the thumbnail calendar to bring up the detailed view for the day and click on a time to add an event starting at that time.

When you select your location the view will display the room occupancy for the given day (time slots that are already spoken for are coloured light orange).

Professional Life
As you might imagine, there are some problems with showcasing web applications coded on the job. The applications tend to be password protected; they often change. Sometimes they reflect some decisions I strongly disagree with.

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Fun with Visuals
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